Enhance your institute's 

 portfolio, reputation, 

 visibility and reach. 

The Current Scenario

Right Angle aims to solve these challenges for all other educational institutes to increase their reach and capacity.

Why Right Angle?

Flexible Timings & Schedule

Plan out your schedule
Prepare short and quick lessons

Simple Content Creation Process

Variety of Content Formats

Teach using your unique style
Include a diverse range of subjects

Enhance your portfolio

Expand Your Reach & Visibility

Get recognized for your efforts

Operate Normally While Earning Passively

Right Angle is more than a knowledge discovery platform for students – it is also a marketplace for educational institutions to offer their services.

Set your own price

Revenue-share model

Increase your income

Join us and make a difference today!

As a content creator on our platform, you have the opportunity to earn revenue through the sale of your pre-recorded videos and live classes. Our revenue-sharing model means that you receive a portion of the income generated from each sale of your content.

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