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Empower Your School with Right Angle's Transformative Courses

NEP 2020-Aligned Education

Seamlessly aligns with NEP 2020, introducing AI, coding, and analytical thinking to foster critical thinking, creativity, and practical application from the schooling level.

Holistic Integration with School Curriculum

Smoothly integrates with your existing curriculum, enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Tailored for Various Boards

Meticulously tailored for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and international boards like IB, meeting specific requirements for diverse educational boards.

Superior Curriculum at Budget-Friendly Rates

Exceptional curriculum at budget-friendly rates, ensuring top-notch education is accessible to all.

In-Person Instruction Prioritization

Prioritizes in-person instruction, supplemented with resources for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Skill Development for the Modern World

Emphasizes modern skills like coding, AI, and critical thinking, going beyond traditional subjects.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

Integrates cutting-edge technology, exposing students to the latest tools and trends in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Experienced and Engaging Instructors

Benefits from experienced instructors passionate about nurturing each student's potential.

Flexible Learning Options:

Offers flexible learning options catering to different schedules, learning styles, and infrastructure

Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs

Provides teacher training programs to equip educators with skills for effective AI and tech integration.

Holistic Assessment Strategies

Employs holistic assessment methods, evaluating students on various crucial skills for 21st-century success.

Continuous Support and Community

Schools partnering with Right Angle receive continuous support, and students join a thriving community for networking, mentorship, and lifelong learning.

Unlock The Learning Universe

Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures

AI Course

Explore Al with our tailored courses, offering diverse paths for beginners and advanced learners alike. From foundational concepts to specialized topics, choose the course that suits your learning goals and dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

BROWSE Program

Python Course

Dive into Python with our comprehensive courses, covering fundamental concepts to advanced programming techniques. Gain practical skills through hands-on projects and real-world applications, tailored for beginners to experienced coders.

BROWSE Program

Java Course

Master Java programming with our structured courses, designed to enhance proficiency from foundational to advanced levels. Explore Android development, user interfaces, and advanced Java features through interactive learning experiences.

BROWSE Program

AR Learning

Explore the pinnacle of educational content. Visually stunning AR modules, crafted by experts, provide an enriching and captivating learning experience.

BROWSE Program

Empowering Futures
Beyond Coding to Unleash Creativity

Nurturing Well-Rounded Excellence for Future Leaders

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Career Development
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Expert Talks and Collaborations
  • Internet Safety
  • Social Media Literacy
  • Self Defense
  • Sustainable Living
  • Life Skills

Partnership Journey
with Right Angle

  • Book a Demo Class

    Begin by scheduling a demo class with our experienced instructors. This allows your school staff to experience the innovative teaching methods and interactive content that Right Angle offers.

  • Explore Course Options

    Our comprehensive courses cover a range of subjects, from AI and coding to personal development. Explore our offerings and choose the courses that best align with your school's educational goals.

  • Tailored Integration with Curriculum

    Right Angle ensures a smooth integration of our courses into your existing curriculum. Our team collaborates with your educators to tailor the content to your specific board requirements, be it CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE tor International Boards.

  • Student Enrollment and Engagement

    Facilitate student enrollment with our user-friendly platform. We provide a flexible learning environment that caters to various schedules and learning styles, encouraging student engagement and participation.

  • Student Certification Programs

    As students progress through our courses, they receive certifications upon completion. These certifications not only validate their achievements but also contribute to building a strong academic profile.

  • Ongoing Support and Community

    Partnering with Right Angle means continuous support for your school. Join our thriving community of educators and students, fostering networking, mentorship, and lifelong learning opportunities.