Pay less & study more 

 by learning 

 what you need. 

The Current Scenario

Right Angle aims to solve these challenges for students to enhance their learning experience by revolutionizing the teaching process.

Why Right Angle?

Pay Less, Study More

Make school activities more engaging
Improve student's language and soft skills

Learn What You Need

Diverse Range of Subjects

Bring out students' artistic side
Prepare students for the digital world​

Improve Digital Fluency

Choose Your Tutor

Make lessons interactive and interesting
Choose from a wide range of content

Variety of Content Formats

Shape Your Future with Right Angle

Right Angle is more than a knowledge discovery platform for students – it is an opportunity for you to grow and unlock your full potential.

Study Better

Follow Your Passion

Achieve Your Goals

Join us and make a difference today!

As a student on our platform, you have the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and professionals through pre-recorded videos and live classes. You can also use the platform to contact them directly to solve any queries or difficulties you are facing.

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