What we are 


Right Angle is a new-age knowledge discovery and self-paced learning platform designed and developed not only for students but for teachers as well.

Using a unique “capsule learning” approach, the platform provides all the necessary tools and features to aid students in overcoming their weaknesses and achieving their full potential.

Our team of experienced educators and technologists are dedicated to democratizing education and making it accessible to all, regardless of location, socio-economic status, or prior education. Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and grow, and our platform is designed to make that a reality.

Join our community of students and tutors, and be a part of shaping the future of education. Let’s learn, grow, and succeed together!

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly-evolving world by becoming the leading, affordable and comprehensive knowledge-content discovery platform.

By providing students with access to a wide range of educational resources at an affordable price, and equipping them with the tools they need to develop academically and professionally, we aim to create a level playing field for everyone to compete and excel in their respective fields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading provider of affordable and comprehensive knowledge content for students, both academically and for their overall development.

By offering a wide range of resources at a cost-effective price, we aim to be one of the largest and most trusted knowledge content discovery platforms in the world, allowing students to stay current and competitive in today’s rapidly-evolving world.


Master Mindset

With a vision to revolutionize the education industry, our founders, Krishna K. Vemula (Kim) and Jayavardhan B. N. (Jay) incepted the idea of Right Angle to promote the overall development of students in academics and personality development.

Kim and Jay followed different paths and career goals through the years. Kim started his career as a chef, but after getting exposed to different fields such as Sales & Marketing, he eventually established several companies owing to his business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. On the other hand, Jay was always academically inclined and had a knack for technology. He kept pursuing this passion and honed his skills and expertise in machine learning and cognitive sciences.

As students growing up under different circumstances, Kim and Jay understand all too well the different aspects of education and how it can impact each student uniquely. The idea of Right Angle was thus born with the realization that every student has different learning needs and requires personal attention to overcome their weaknesses. Getting personal tutoring, however, is expensive and is inaccessible for the majority of students because of their financial background and other personal circumstances.

Right Angle has thus come up with an approach to support students, teachers, and educational institutions. Partnered with industry experts and working with a passionate team, the platform aims to overcome the challenges of the current education system and make education affordable and accessible for every student.

Krishna K Vemula (Kim)


Jayavardhan B N


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