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Right Angle stands as a pioneering educational platform committed to providing a transformative learning experience. We serve as a bridge between learning and professional growth, offering a comprehensive suite of programs designed to empower individuals throughout their educational journey and beyond.


Jayavardhan B NPioneering the Future of Education with Right Angle

Jayavardhan B N, founder of Right Angle, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing education through technology. His journey from a passionate technologist to an educational innovator embodies a commitment to empowering the next generation with skills for the future. Recognized for his leadership and vision, Jayavardhan’s approach to learning is reshaping how education is delivered and experienced.

Leadership and Vision: Jayavardhan’s leadership is marked by a profound understanding of the transformative power of technology in education. His vision for Right Angle is to create an accessible platform where students from diverse backgrounds can learn about AI and other critical life and professional skills. This vision is rooted in his own experiences, growing up in a tier 2 city in Karnataka, where educational opportunities were limited. His journey through academia and the tech industry, including impactful projects at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has fueled his ambition to bridge educational gaps.

Curriculum Innovation: At Right Angle, Jayavardhan leverages his expertise in AI, machine learning, and cognitive sciences to develop a curriculum that is not only technologically advanced but also pedagogically sound. He ensures that the courses are engaging, interactive, and tailored to meet the evolving needs of students in a digital world. His role in curriculum development is pivotal in making advanced technologies accessible to young learners, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Strategic Growth and Expansion: Jayavardhan’s strategic insights have been instrumental in guiding Right Angle’s growth. His ability to forge partnerships and expand the organization’s reach reflects a deep commitment to making quality education available to students worldwide. Under his leadership, Right Angle is setting new standards in educational technology, with a focus on AI and its applications.

Mentorship and Advocacy: A mentor and advocate for technology in education, Jayavardhan is dedicated to inspiring students and educators alike. He believes in the power of technology to enhance learning outcomes and equip students with essential skills for success. His work extends beyond the confines of Right Angle, contributing to a broader conversation about the future of education and the role of technology in shaping it.

A Catalyst for Educational Transformation: Jayavardhan B N’s recognition by Forbes as a leading people manager is emblematic of his broader impact on the educational sector. Through Right Angle, he aspires to create a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and opportunity, ensuring that every student can access the education they need to thrive in the modern world. His vision, leadership, and commitment to making a difference encapsulate the essence of Right Angle’s mission to reshape the future of education.

Krishna Karthik VemulaShaping the Future of Education at Right Angle

Krishna Karthik Vemula, as the co-founder of Right Angle, brings a dynamic blend of entrepreneurial acumen, global exposure, and a visionary approach to education. His journey from marketing maverick to entrepreneur showcases his versatility and innovative spirit. Krishna’s experiences across various sectors have endowed him with a unique perspective on education, emphasizing the integration of professional and life skills with advanced technologies.

Global Perspective and Entrepreneurial Journey: Krishna’s global journey, marked by significant roles in startups and established companies, has provided him with a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior. His entrepreneurial ventures, including Day1 Technologies and Hashtaag, highlight his ability to identify opportunities and drive growth. Krishna’s vision for Right Angle is rooted in his belief in the power of education to transform lives and societies.

Revolutionizing Education with Right Angle: At Right Angle, Krishna is dedicated to redefining the educational experience by making it more holistic, interactive, and relevant to the demands of the modern world. His leadership in strategic planning, marketing innovation, and program development ensures that Right Angle’s curriculum not only equips students with technical skills but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability.

Advocacy for Technological Integration: Krishna champions the integration of AI, AR, and ML into education, aiming to create a platform where technology and learning converge to inspire and prepare students for future challenges and opportunities. His advocacy for technology in education is driven by a commitment to empowering students to become leaders and innovators in their fields.

Empowering Students and Expanding Reach: Krishna’s role at Right Angle extends beyond curriculum development to building partnerships and expanding the organization’s reach. His global network and expertise in strategy and marketing are key to introducing Right Angle’s innovative educational programs to a wider audience. Krishna’s vision encompasses a future where education transcends traditional boundaries, enabling students to thrive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

A Leader Inspiring Change: Krishna Karthik Vemula’s leadership at Right Angle is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about inspiring change and enabling students to realize their full potential. His holistic approach to education, combined with a passion for technology and innovation, positions Right Angle as a catalyst for empowering the next generation. Krishna envisions a world where every student has access to education that prepares them for the complexities of the future, making Right Angle a beacon of hope and transformation in the educational sector.


Empowering Futures

Bridging Skill Gaps with Right Angle

Our approach integrates skill-centric learning into the curriculum, addressing unemployment and skill gaps. By collaborating with industries, we ensure that students acquire practical, job-ready skills that align with current market demands.

Building Bridges

Addressing Educational Inequality with Right Angle

Right Angle is committed to bridging the resource gap by offering accessible learning resources online. Through initiatives like scholarships and financial aid, we actively work to overcome socio-economic barriers, ensuring that education is within reach for all students.

Tailored for Success

Personalized Learning at Right Angle

Right Angle takes pride in offering personalized learning paths and customizing education based on individual strengths and interests. Leveraging advanced adaptive learning technologies, we ensure that each student experiences education at their own pace and in alignment with their unique learning style.

Nurturing Innovators

Empowering Entrepreneurship at Right Angle

Right Angle fosters entrepreneurship through dedicated courses that inspire students to embark on their ventures. Our mentorship programs further enrich the journey by connecting students with successful entrepreneurs, providing invaluable guidance and inspiration along the way.

Ensuring Academic Success

Combating Dropout Rates with Right Angle

Right Angle employs an engaging learning approach with interactive content to keep students interested, effectively reducing dropout rates. Additionally, our comprehensive support systems, including counselling, are in place to assist students at risk of dropping out, ensuring a supportive environment for academic success.

Guiding Futures

Holistic Assessment and Career Guidance at Right Angle

Right Angle employs holistic assessment methods, moving beyond traditional exams to evaluate students on diverse skills and competencies. Complementing this, our commitment extends to offering clear career guidance, ensuring students are well-informed about potential paths and opportunities for their future.

Empowering Every Learner

Inclusive Education at Right Angle

Right Angle embraces a student-centric approach, tailoring programs to meet the diverse needs of every learner, fostering inclusivity and providing personalized support for all. Our inclusive model includes remedial programs for those needing extra help and enrichment programs for students seeking advanced challenges.

Unlocking Potential

Identifying and Nurturing Talents at Right Angle

Right Angle employs tools and methods to identify each student’s unique skills and interests, paving the way for personalized development. Through talent development programs, we provide specialized initiatives designed to nurture and enhance the identified talents of our students.

Embarking on a Journey

Lifelong Learning Community at Right Angle

Right Angle encourages continuous learning beyond traditional schooling years, offering lifelong learning opportunities. Our robust community fosters networking, mentorship, and ongoing skill development, creating a supportive environment for individuals on their educational journey throughout life.

Realizing Futures

Right Angle’s Career-Ready Education

Right Angle’s career-readiness focus effectively prepares students for the job market, while our approach involving engagement with real-world problems makes education relevant to the challenges and opportunities they’ll encounter.

Opening Doors

Right Angle’s Commitment to Equal Educational Opportunities

Right Angle ensures an equal focus on all learners, providing each student with the attention and resources needed to excel. Our commitment extends to diverse learning materials that cater to different learning styles and capabilities, fostering an inclusive environment that opens doors for all students.