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Imagine being a student, where high-quality or even a basic education, is often inaccessible and unaffordable. Imagine struggling to keep up with the rest of your peers due to inadequate resources and not being able to understand or grasp concepts easily.

While many people are privileged not to have experienced this, the sad reality is that millions of students are deprived of facilities and opportunities that will enable them to grow and thrive in today’s world.

We firmly believe that education should be made accessible to all and it has thus, become our mission to improve and overcome the limitations of the current education system. With this motivation, we are proud to present Right Angle, a new-age Edtech platform designed to educate students from all walks of life and of all ages, at an affordable rate.

After in-depth analysis and thorough planning, we have curated the content to include all the necessary tools and accessories to equip students to excel and succeed in any field.

Our Features

With Right Angle, you have the power to choose your own path, set your own pace, and achieve your goals.

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Why We Are Different!

Revolutionizing Education

At its core, Right Angle is a knowledge-discovery and self-paced learning platform. However, many aspects make our approach unique.

“Capsule Learning” Methodology.

Many existing applications offer a whole range of full-fledged courses and subjects. In contrast, Right Angle enables students to subscribe to a specific topic of their choice.

A Diverse Range of Subjects.

Unlike other platforms which emphasize mainstream subjects alone (like Mathematics and Science), Right Angle offers additional extracurricular and adaptive learning courses for a student’s overall development.

Choose Your Own Tutor

Different teachers have different teaching styles but a “one size fits all” approach does not work in reality. As such, students can opt for a teacher based on their preferences and comfort level for a particular topic.

The Social Media Touch

Right Angle also introduces a one-of-a-kind and engaging video feature called “Bytes” which are educational videos that students can scroll through at leisure.

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At Right Angle, we aim to provide effective education at affordable rates so that it is accessible to students. Get access to free study materials, previews, and other exclusive content on the platform.

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